We build fun and dynamic music curriculums in schools.

The students won't want to leave music class..

Gamification of education

Our curriculums focus on composition and creativity.

Our curriculums teach students how to compose and improvise while teaching foundational music knowledge. Our piano education video game complements our curriculum and reinforces key knowledge at home by allowing students to play their computer keyboard as a piano keyboard.

Legato's software curriculum is flexible.

Our piano education video game allows teachers to teach music asynchronously for homework as well.

Piano lab setup example

Our Curriculum's Focal Points


Our curriculums encourage improvisation and creativity and are gamified to kindle student interest from the get-go.


Playing piano has traditionally been difficult and boring - our simple and fun curriculum has changed that.


Our curriculum encourages students to learn together and collaborate with music.

Life Skills

Learning piano improves memory and emotional intelligence, and enhances creativity.

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